Zero Admin. Multi-platform. Complete UC Features. Elastix 5 has All.

Elastix 5 comes with zero admin and the ability to be deployed on the cloud or on premise; virtualized or on a MiniPC as a PBX appliance. It’s packed with UC features such as softphones and smartphone clients, web conferencing, chat and more; providing you a communications experience unlike any other.

What’s more, by upgrading your IP PBX you will not only gain a state of the art phone system for free but also gain a complimentary annual license key worth $350!

Free Migration and Support

We care for our customers therefore it’s important to us that the migration runs smoothly and more importantly free of any cost. This is why we have developed a user-friendly convertor tool to migrate your data on your behalf. You can access the migration tool in the following section, How to Upgrade to the Supported Version.

Require support? Don’t worry we have you covered. When you upgrade to Elastix 5, users also get free access to forum support and resellers also have free access to the support portal.

How to Upgrade your IP PBX to the Supported Version

To initiate the migration process, click on the link below to migrate from Elastix 2.5, 3 or 4 to Elastix 5. For more information about how to do this, click here.

What’s included:

  • Free Integrated WebRTC video conferencing
  • Windows, Mac, Android & iOS clients
  • Voice / Fax 2 email, Chat, Presence
  • 5 minute set-up in the Cloud via PBX Express
  • Bulletproof Security & Zero Admin
  • Built In failover, backup & restore

Click here for a list of all the features.

Want to Resell Elastix?
If you are a telecom reseller, Sign Up to the free Partner Program The aim of the program is to supply our Partners the necessary tools and materials required to sell, manage and deploy Elastix

  • No upfront fees
  • Free training and certification
  • Free listing on our website
  • Free NFR key