Contribute to Elastix

Elastix is a free open source project. Contributions from the community are very important for the improvement of the solution, adding new features and testing in a variety of environments.

There are several ways to get involved, being part of the community and contribute with the Elastix project.

Help and advise other members in the Elastix Community

The Elastix community counts with hundreds of registered users. Register your account now and begin your contribution from our forums, mailing lists and irc chat. Collaborate with our moderators answering questions from people who need support, through any of the available channels.

Write and Translate Documentation

You can publish, review, translate or edit information related with Elastix. We have several manuals and books published that need constant update.

Note: All information send for publication purposes will be considered under the license Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International –

Translate Elastix to your Language

Elastix has been translated to 22 languages, help is required to review and update this information to the latest Elastix versions and continue translating to new languages.

Develop an Addon for Elastix

One of the strengths of Elastix is its Extensibility. You can develop and addon and share it with the community.

Please read the developers documentation to learn how to do it.

If you want more information about the Elastix Addons Program, you can visit:

Make a financial contribution

There are several ways to contribute financially to the development of Elastix and help the project continue its constant innovation. Please select from the following options:

1.- Paypal. The simplest way to donate

2.- Wire transfer. Please contact:

3.- Purchase any one of our products/services from our Online Store.

4.- If you are the manufacturer of a hardware related to Elastix you can apply to our Hardware Certification Program.

5.- Offer a bounty to develop an specific feature.

Thanks for your help and for allowing us to keep innovating every day.