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hi, we r looking for sms module for elastix 2.x, i saw your post. could you plz help me how to install that module. we want to use smpp protocol to send sms from elastix.
What cause this issue please can you assist if you can all "Call Recordings" is Type = Incoming.
Hi, Just want to ask if the voice prompt like "all circuit are busy now, please try your call later" are possible to modify?
Hi danardf i need some help i use elastix i want to turnk it with (IAD 4fxs-4fxo) i cant call to pstn but i recive a call from pstn
Hi i need some help on the below details can you please help me out thank you.
We use monitoring for all calls inbound and outbound; so, all call are recorded. The admin account has the privilage to see all monitoring calls since there is no extension associated to it. However, when I try to create a new user account with limited abilities, I no longer have access to all of calls recorded in every single extensino.
buenas tardes jgutierrez
tenia mi elastix 2.6.18 montado sobre una maquina virtual oracle en mi servidor
no logro es que entren las llamadas
por favor ruego me ayudes.
Hi Sir I am from India..I have elastix server 4.0 and I have configure 2xx extensions and It's working fine..
I want to create 2xx extensions to mobile number... please help me..
السلام عليكم لوتكرمت
انا عندي مشكلة عندي سيرفر داون وكان عندي باكب لكن انا معرفش النسخة الي كانت موجودة هل كانت 2.5 لما ارجع الباكب يظهر يظهرلي تحذير
Asterisk 11.17.1-1 restore 11.20.0-1
DAHDI Restore 2.10.2-0
Wanpipe-util 7.0.12-3 resore 7.0.17-22
Freepbx 2.11.0-19 restore 2.11.0-22
Elastix A2billing 1.9.4-5 restore 2.1.0-1
ولو نزلت الباكب السيستم بيقف
لو تكرمت ساعدني
Hola amigo necesito ayuda... tengo instalado elastix 4.0, al reiniciarlo empezo a tener problemas con los servicios de IM(Openfire) sincronizado con LDAP y Servidor de Bases de Datos, bueno eso es lo que me pone la interfaz Web trato de iniciarlos y nada...saludos