Zaptel.conf Vs Dahdi-channel.conf

Discussion in 'General' started by fashab123, Dec 29, 2009.

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    Dec 25, 2009
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    Hi dicko

    i have small confusion when installing R4T1 rhino card

    on the trixbox 2.6 when i installed R4T1 card on the zaptel.conf i have the following parameters.

    #SPAN 1 in Rhino R4T1 for Etisalat ISDN PRI
    span=1,1,0,ccs,hdb3 # As span port is directly connected to Telco to accept timing source from them

    where do i place this parameters when i install elastix 1.6 as when i checked the dahdi-channel.conf it was auto generated

    ; Span 2: R4T1/0/1 "R4T1 (PCI) Card 0 Span 1"
    switchtype = euroisdn
    signalling = pri_cpe
    channel => 17-31,33-47
    context = default
    group = 63

    is it necessary for the following statement "span=1,1,0,ccs,hdb3" to be on the dahdi-channel.conf

    when i checked some forum they say the above line has to be put on /etc/dahdi/system.conf

    pls help

    pls advice
  2. dicko

    Oct 24, 2008
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    When zaptel was zaptel the hardware and the connected trunks were defined/described in /etc/zaptel.conf and the channels on the hardware in /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf (and it's inclusions)

    When zaptel turned into dahdi, the same division is made, the hardware and trunks in /etc/dahdi/system.conf and the channels in /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf (and it's inclusions)

    The confusion many have is that dahdi is a kernel level driver that is loaded on system startup and presents the dahdi/zaptel hardware as "system devices" it has nothing to do with asterisk per-se and the devices can indeed be used by FreeSwitch etc.

    How that hardware is partitioned, conditioned and used by Asterisk is in the standard /etc/asterisk/diurectory conf files.

    My guess is that Elastix setup already has done this for you in


    Just check it, if you have extraordinary spans as to timing source or build-out here is were to change it just like in zapata.conf.

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