ZAP call to Ring Group connects to next open ZAP

Discussion in 'General' started by oneobserver, Aug 22, 2009.

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    Jun 2, 2008
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    I installed 1.5.2-2.3 on my home PBX and started reconfiguring to recreate what I had before the upgrade. I created a ring group with 3 extensions for my "House" phone and then created an inbound route from my 1st ZAP channel to the ring group/ When called the group rings once, then connects the caller to the second ZAP channel giving dial tone. From there you can dial another number and make a call. I proved this by calling from my phone to the house number and then dialing again and reaching my wife's cell phone.

    I am using a Rhino RCB8FXX/1 with the first 2 channels set as FXO and the remaining 6 channels setup as FXS channels. The ring group members are all on the FXS channels.

    Has anybody else seen this behavior and if so, how do I stop it?

    markh aka oneobserver

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