Yum Update not update chan_ooh323.so module

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    Jun 29, 2008
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    I have updated elastix with yum update, now I have new version 1.3-2 but with some issues I want to solve:

    1. Calendar (Agenda) stops working, can not add new events, please see error I get in top of calendar page:
    Error de Validación
    Error procesando evento
    Query Error: INSERT INTO events (uid, startdate, enddate, starttime, subject, description, eventtype, asterisk_call, recording, call_to) VALUES ('1', strftime('%Y-%m-%d', '2008-10-01 18:00:00'), strftime('%Y-%m-%d', '2008-10-01'),strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S', '2008-10-01 18:00:00'), 'test','test', '1', 'on', 'calendarEvent', '')

    2. chan_ooh323.so module was not updated in new asterisk version (1: from elastix repositories) and asterisk crash with 'segmentation fault' when I try to use an OOH323 trunk or extension.

    3. By the way, I think the new iso like last version (Elastix-1.3-stable-29sep2008.iso) should have more actualised software like system-config-network-tui that replace netconfig so we can manually configure 2 eth. cards using this tool, mysql 5.0.45, php 5.2, etc, see yum upgrade summary below for a brand new instalation (1.3-2). imho there are too much packages to upgrade for a new release...

    Package Arch Version Repository Size
    system-config-network-tui noarch base 1.8 M
    replacing netconfig.i386 0.8.24-

    acl i386 2.2.39-3.el5 base 67 k
    alsa-utils i386 1.0.14-3.rc4.el5 base 1.0 M
    apr-util i386 1.2.7-7.el5 base 76 k
    asterisk i386 1: elastix 21 M
    asterisk-devel i386 1: elastix 170 k
    asterisk-sounds-es i386 1: elastix 1.3 M
    asterisk-sounds-fr i386 1: elastix 1.6 M
    audit i386 1.6.5-9.el5 base 287 k
    audit-libs i386 1.6.5-9.el5 base 67 k
    audit-libs-python i386 1.6.5-9.el5 base 73 k
    authconfig i386 5.3.21-3.el5 base 452 k
    bash i386 3.2-21.el5 base 1.9 M
    binutils i386 base 2.9 M
    busybox i386 1:1.2.0-4.el5.centos base 1.1 M
    bzip2 i386 1.0.3-4.el5_2 updates 48 k
    bzip2-libs i386 1.0.3-4.el5_2 updates 37 k
    centos-release i386 10:5-2.el5.centos base 19 k
    centos-release-notes i386 5.2-2 base 39 k
    checkpolicy i386 1.33.1-4.el5 base 253 k
    chkconfig i386 base 159 k
    coreutils i386 5.97-14.el5 base 3.6 M
    cpp i386 4.1.2-42.el5 base 2.7 M
    createrepo noarch 0.4.11-3.el5 base 59 k
    cups-libs i386 1:1.2.4-11.18.el5_2.2 updates 181 k
    cyrus-imapd i386 2.3.7-2.el5 base 12 M
    cyrus-imapd-perl i386 2.3.7-2.el5 base 211 k
    cyrus-imapd-utils i386 2.3.7-2.el5 base 182 k
    dbus i386 1.0.0-7.el5 base 468 k
    device-mapper i386 1.02.24-1.el5 base 656 k
    device-mapper-multipath i386 0.4.7-17.el5 base 2.0 M
    dhclient i386 12:3.0.5-13.el5 base 275 k
    dhcp i386 12:3.0.5-13.el5 base 874 k
    diffutils i386 2.8.1-15.2.3.el5 base 210 k
    dmraid i386 1.0.0.rc13-9.el5 base 557 k
    e2fsprogs i386 1.39-15.el5 base 964 k
    e2fsprogs-devel i386 1.39-15.el5 base 568 k
    e2fsprogs-libs i386 1.39-15.el5 base 116 k
    file i386 4.17-13 base 320 k
    freetype i386 2.2.1-20.el5_2 updates 313 k
    freetype-devel i386 2.2.1-20.el5_2 updates 151 k
    gcc i386 4.1.2-42.el5 base 5.2 M
    gcc-c++ i386 4.1.2-42.el5 base 3.4 M
    ghostscript i386 8.15.2-9.3.el5 updates 5.9 M
    glibc i386 2.5-24 base 4.3 M
    glibc-common i386 2.5-24 base 16 M
    glibc-devel i386 2.5-24 base 2.0 M
    glibc-headers i386 2.5-24 base 610 k
    gnutls i386 1.4.1-3.el5_1 updates 350 k
    grub i386 0.97-13.2 base 491 k
    gzip i386 1.3.5-10.el5.centos base 100 k
    hal i386 base 376 k
    hwdata noarch 0.213.6-1.el5 base 339 k
    initscripts i386 updates 1.6 M
    iproute i386 2.6.18-7.el5 base 802 k
    ipsec-tools i386 0.6.5-9.el5_2.3 updates 352 k
    iptables i386 1.3.5-4.el5 base 235 k
    iptables-ipv6 i386 1.3.5-4.el5 base 160 k
    isdn4k-utils i386 3.2-51.el5 base 3.9 M
    kbd i386 1.12-20.el5 base 1.0 M
    kernel-module-rhino i386 2.2.6-8 elastix 993 k
    kernel-module-rhino-xen i386 2.2.6-8 elastix 981 k
    kpartx i386 0.4.7-17.el5 base 406 k
    krb5-devel i386 1.6.1-25.el5_2.1 updates 1.9 M
    krb5-libs i386 1.6.1-25.el5_2.1 updates 656 k
    krb5-workstation i386 1.6.1-25.el5_2.1 updates 873 k
    kudzu i386 base 221 k
    libX11 i386 1.0.3-9.el5 base 795 k
    libacl i386 2.2.39-3.el5 base 19 k
    libbdevid-python i386 base 57 k
    libdhcp i386 1.20-5.el5_2.1 updates 60 k
    libdhcp4client i386 12:3.0.5-13.el5 base 242 k
    libdhcp6client i386 1.0.10-4.el5_2.3 updates 89 k
    libgcc i386 4.1.2-42.el5 base 93 k
    libgomp i386 4.1.2-42.el5 base 82 k
    libnl i386 1.0-0.10.pre5.5 base 95 k
    libpcap i386 14:0.9.4-12.el5 base 108 k
    libselinux i386 1.33.4-5.el5 base 94 k
    libselinux-devel i386 1.33.4-5.el5 base 131 k
    libselinux-python i386 1.33.4-5.el5 base 58 k
    libstdc++ i386 4.1.2-42.el5 base 360 k
    libstdc++-devel i386 4.1.2-42.el5 base 2.9 M
    libtiff i386 3.8.2-7.el5_2.2 updates 308 k
    libuser i386 0.54.7-2.el5.5 base 437 k
    libvolume_id i386 095-14.16.el5 base 39 k
    libvorbis i386 1:1.1.2-3.el5_1.2 updates 194 k
    libxml2 i386 2.6.26- updates 797 k
    libxml2-python i386 2.6.26- updates 696 k
    libxslt i386 1.1.17-2.el5_2.2 updates 485 k
    logwatch noarch 7.3-6.el5 base 247 k
    lvm2 i386 2.02.32-4.el5 base 2.3 M
    m2crypto i386 0.16-6.el5.2 base 490 k
    make i386 1:3.81-3.el5 base 466 k
    mcstrans i386 0.2.7-1.el5 base 16 k
    mdadm i386 2.6.4-1.el5 base 809 k
    mkinitrd i386 base 449 k
    module-init-tools i386 3.3-0.pre3.1.37.el5 base 417 k
    mysql i386 5.0.45-7.el5 base 4.1 M
    mysql-devel i386 5.0.45-7.el5 base 2.4 M
    mysql-server i386 5.0.45-7.el5 base 9.7 M
    nash i386 base 1.1 M
    net-snmp i386 1:5.3.1-24.el5_2.1 updates 698 k
    net-snmp-libs i386 1:5.3.1-24.el5_2.1 updates 1.2 M
    net-tools i386 1.60-78.el5 base 360 k
    newt i386 0.52.2-10.el5 base 107 k
    newt-devel i386 0.52.2-10.el5 base 75 k
    nfs-utils i386 1:1.0.9-35z.el5_2 updates 378 k
    nspr i386 4.7.1-1.el5 updates 118 k
    nss i386 updates 1.1 M
    ntp i386 4.2.2p1-8.el5.centos.1 base 1.3 M
    ntsysv i386 base 24 k
    openldap i386 2.3.27-8.el5_2.4 updates 288 k
    openssh i386 4.3p2-26.el5_2.1 updates 283 k
    openssh-clients i386 4.3p2-26.el5_2.1 updates 445 k
    openssh-server i386 4.3p2-26.el5_2.1 updates 255 k
    openssl i686 0.9.8b-10.el5 base 1.4 M
    openssl-devel i386 0.9.8b-10.el5 base 1.8 M
    pam i386 base 973 k
    pam_krb5 i386 2.2.14-1.el5_2.1 updates 125 k
    parted i386 1.8.1-17.el5 base 539 k
    pciutils i386 2.2.3-5 base 83 k
    perl i386 4:5.8.8-15.el5_2.1 updates 12 M
    perl-suidperl i386 4:5.8.8-15.el5_2.1 updates 57 k
    php i386 5.1.6-20.el5_2.1 updates 1.1 M
    php-cli i386 5.1.6-20.el5_2.1 updates 2.1 M
    php-common i386 5.1.6-20.el5_2.1 updates 154 k
    php-gd i386 5.1.6-20.el5_2.1 updates 113 k
    php-imap i386 5.1.6-20.el5_2.1 updates 52 k
    php-mbstring i386 5.1.6-20.el5_2.1 updates 969 k
    php-mysql i386 5.1.6-20.el5_2.1 updates 84 k
    php-pdo i386 5.1.6-20.el5_2.1 updates 62 k
    php-pear noarch 1:1.4.9-4.el5.1 base 356 k
    php-xml i386 5.1.6-20.el5_2.1 updates 94 k
    pkgconfig i386 1:0.21-2.el5 base 59 k
    pm-utils i386 0.99.3-6.el5.centos.19 base 66 k
    policycoreutils i386 1.33.12-14.el5 base 623 k
    popt i386 1.10.2-48.el5 base 69 k
    postfix i386 2:2.3.3-2.1.el5_2 updates 3.6 M
    procps i386 3.2.7-9.el5 base 207 k
    psmisc i386 22.2-6 base 61 k
    pykickstart noarch 0.43.1-1.el5 base 127 k
    python i386 2.4.3-21.el5 base 5.9 M
    redhat-logos noarch 4.9.99-8.el5.centos base 11 M
    rhino i386 2.2.6-8 elastix 4.6 k
    rpm i386 4.4.2-48.el5 base 638 k
    rpm-libs i386 4.4.2-48.el5 base 968 k
    rpm-python i386 4.4.2-48.el5 base 54 k
    selinux-policy noarch 2.4.6-137.1.el5 updates 381 k
    selinux-policy-targeted noarch 2.4.6-137.1.el5 updates 911 k
    shadow-utils i386 2:4.0.17-13.el5 base 1.0 M
    strace i386 4.5.16-1.el5_2.2 updates 163 k
    sudo i386 1.6.8p12-12.el5 base 217 k
    sysklogd i386 1.4.1-44.el5 base 73 k
    system-config-securitylevel-tui i386 base 253 k
    tcpdump i386 14:3.9.4-12.el5 base 451 k
    traceroute i386 3:2.0.1-3.el5 base 39 k
    tzdata noarch 2008f-3.el5 updates 755 k
    udev i386 095-14.16.el5 base 2.3 M
    usermode i386 1.88-3.el5.1 base 157 k
    util-linux i386 2.13-0.47.el5 base 1.8 M
    vsftpd i386 2.0.5-12.el5 base 137 k
    wpa_supplicant i386 1:0.4.8-10.2.el5 base 225 k
    yum noarch 3.2.8-9.el5.centos.2.1 updates 582 k
    yum-metadata-parser i386 1.1.2-2.el5 base 25 k
    Installing for dependencies:
    device-mapper-event i386 1.02.24-1.el5 base 19 k
    python-iniparse noarch 0.2.3-4.el5 base 34 k
    yum-fastestmirror noarch 1.1.10-9.el5.centos base 13 k

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    Install 4 Package(s)
    Update 163 Package(s)
    Remove 0 Package(s)

    Total download size: 206 M
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