Xorcom Astribank (8FXS) + external (4FXO) IP modem

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    Apr 23, 2009
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    B) Hi everyone! Hope I can get your advice on the following configuration:

    - 1 PC with Elastix correctly installed and running
    - 1 Xorcom Astribank (8FXS) USB configured as:
    - 401 thru 408 as SIP extensions
    - 1 external FXO/IP modem (Octtel 4FXO)
    - 301 thru 304 also as SIP extensions
    - with 4 active PSTN lines

    Then here's I configred Elastix to handle these two devices:
    1. configured "9" as a 'Ring Group' which rings 301 to 304 when dialed (then gives a PSTN dialtone)
    2. configured "400" as a 'Ring Group' which ring handsets 401 to 408 when dialed (which results in the physical handsets on the desks ringing)

    Here's the deal, when one of my officemates picks up their handsets, they dial '9' (which then does #1) then when they hear a dialtone, they continue on dialing the number they intend to call. Everything goes well, conversation happens and ends happily. So as with the rest of the extensions, etc etc.

    Furthermore, when an outside caller dials our phone number (ie: 888-8888), the Octtel modem which is configured to 'hotline' to '400' then rings ALL of the extensions in the office. Again, conversations take place and everything's well.

    BUT, here's what I actually want to happen:
    1. users pickup their handset
    2. the handset then automatically finds an available outside line on it's own (PSTN)
    3. then the user simply dials the number they intend to call (without having to dial '9')

    :blink: WHY?! Because this way, i would assume that my ACD would be able to CAPTURE the number that they "actually" dialed to... and not simply the '9' as the destination number (which happens at the moment).

    Is there a way to actually do this?

    Thanks in advance guys!:woohoo:
  2. dicko

    Oct 24, 2008
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    You might try setting up a "custom trunk" where the dial string is:

    9 to get the FXO group w is a .5 second pause while you wait for the dialtone to be presented.
    (and of course an "outbound route" to suit)

    If your calls come in 301, then 302 etc, you should set your "9" ring group as 304,303,302,301 to minimize "glare"

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