wrap-up time in the outbound queue

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    Feb 9, 2009
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    I configured the wrap-up time as 15 seconds in the outbound queue, it works as

    1. If the callee rejected or did not pickup the call, the dailer waits 15 second to dail out next call
    2. If the calledd attend the call and hangs up, then dailer makes next call immedatly and maps to agent only after 15 seconds. Still then callee gets MOH.

    But this suppose to work as below

    In the 1st scenario the dialer has the dail out the next call on the call failure and

    In the 2nd scenario the dailer has to wait for 15 seconds to dail out the next call and then map to agent.

    Let me any body who worked on this and how to solve this issue.

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