vsftpd refusing login after turning up 2nd nic

Discussion in 'General' started by packetfish, Jul 4, 2008.

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    Jul 3, 2008
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    Hi.... weird issue.

    My chroot bootp ftp server was working fine, unfortunately though I had to add a second nic with a public IP because of some issues with NAT'ing.

    Now apparently since doing so my polycom 320 phones work if they booted once and got a config. They reg to the server fine if that happened. But if they didn't I get a failed to contact bootp server and they don't configure.

    When I check the ftp login from the private subnet I get login refused.

    Anyone know if there are issues with VSFTPD that pertain to having to NICs active? I have not changed my configuration of vsftpd so that would leave either the interface I turned up or possibly it updated the vsftpd package and their is now something wrong with it.

    Thank you!

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