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    I have a couple of VoIP lines connecting to my elastix server via PAP2 / SPA3102.

    VoIP <--> PAP2 <--> SPA3102 <--> elastix

    One of my VoIP accounts provides unlimited North America calling, including call forwarding, with a local phone # (416-111-1111). In order to reduce the occupied time of this channel, normally I will call forward to the # I want to call (604-222-2222) on this unlimited account first, then call this local # (416-111-1111) from any other line. Then I can reach the other end (604-222-2222) without occupying the unlimited channel.

    Now, I want asterisk to do this for me automatically. So when I dial 8*6042222222, asterisk will first pick up the unlimited channel and do a 90*6042222222 (90* is the call forward code on the unlimited account) to forward any incoming call to this line to 6042222222. Then pick up any other line and call 4161111111.

    Anyone has any idea how this can be achieved?

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