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    Feb 19, 2008
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    I Just started using Elastix, and so far i love it. but I have a freash installation of 1.2 and configued 1 extention and a sip trunck. All is well, my voicemail to email was working, my notification were being sent to my isp with the attached message. i also configured webmail server and it works well

    1 all of a sudden it stoped recieving notification from my ISP Help What did i not do or miss

    2 how do useres who click on the return link got the voicemail interface, and how do they log in

    I tried https://webaddrsss.com/?menu=voicemail but when they enter the extention # and password it will not let them in.

    Ilooked at Eleastix wihout tears , but i did not see the information I was looking for

    any help with this would be great

    Thanks Alain

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