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    This may have already been asked, but I have just inherited our PBX system. I am looking to put in some password validation using a Perl script similar to the Python script that I saw on Github. When I look at the voicemail.conf file we have, it shows the [general] and [default] sections, but no externpasscheck or externpass exist in the configuration file. Is this normal? Should I insert them into the configuration file?

    #include "vm_general.inc"
    #include "vm_email.inc"


    Second part: If I implement something similar to voicemailpwcheck.py, it is my understand that the user will be unable to set their password on their phone to consecutive numbers, blacklisted numbers, etc. and that it will not instead locking users who have set their passwords in the past to things on the blacklist from accessing their emails. Just wanted to determine what the immediate effect of turning on validation is so as not to impact users on the phone or trying to access their voicemail.

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