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Discussion in 'IP Phones' started by Kalama Sutra, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. Kalama Sutra

    Apr 15, 2009
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    Hi All,

    Plugging away ...

    Aastra Manual discusses "Visual Message Waiting" setting to have the indicator light showing on the 6751i / 6755i / 9143i's ....

    I just having a heck of a time finding a setting within elasitx / FreePBX for a setting location ...

    From my tftpboot file, here's one of the setting files for one of the units.

    #aastra default config file
    time server disabled: 0
    time server1:

    sip proxy ip:
    sip proxy port: 5060
    sip registrar ip:
    sip registrar port: 5060

    sip digit timeout: 6

    sip line1 screen name: Cyyy
    sip line1 screen name 2: Ext. 14
    sip line1 display name: Cyyy
    sip line1 auth name: 14
    sip line1 user name: 14
    sip line1 password: zzzzzzzzz

    prgkey5 locked: 0
    prgkey6 locked: 0

    prgkey1 type: park
    prgkey1 value: asterisk;700
    prgkey2 type: blf
    prgkey2 value: 701
    prgkey3 type: blf
    prgkey3 value: 702
    prgkey4 type: blf
    prgkey4 value: 703
    prgkey5 type: speeddial
    prgkey5 value: *8
    prgkey6 type: icom
    prgkey7 type: dnd
    prgkey8 type: speeddial
    prgkey8 value: *97

    Should I have a line(s) above with MWI : ???? and / or VMWI : ????? ?


  2. aastra1

    Mar 5, 2009
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    Hi Jim,

    I suppose that you are talking about the MWI on the Aastra phones, this is the LED on the top right corner of the phone.
    This MWI is automatically synchronized with Asterisk via a SIP Notify messages, it will blink when you have a new message in your voicemail or if you missed a call. On top of this visual indication you also have an enveloppe with the number of new messages on the idle screen.
    Now this cannot be configured on a regular key LED by configuration, the only way to do that is to install the XML scripts the LED attached to the Visual Voice mail application for the phone extension will blink when you have new messages. Please refe to the XML scripts documentation.

    I hope this answers your question.


  3. Kalama Sutra

    Apr 15, 2009
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    Thank you Aastra1,

    If you threaded thru the forums, you'll see that I'm sort of a pest ... I know, " just jump Jim "

    Anyway, YES, your answer is the affirmative of what it looks like I need to do to rectify this situation on the MWI / VMWI .

    Just a couple more questions, as this will be an evening project ( :unsure: after a full back-up / that's for my Fire cracker bud / he has permission to use a big stick on me :blush: ) ...

    Page 5 of the PDF guide / PA-001009-05-00 ..... "2.3 Before you connect your first phone " :blink:

    Well, this is a working system with 18 Aastra IP Phones on it ..... As far as the configurations, for each phone / user ; does this wipe those out ?

    Not a problem to reenter them on my end, if needed. I almost know what I'm doing after having borked the system a month ago :silly: and doing a clean reload ...

    {{ will it wipe other configuration files other than those in tftpboot directory ? }} << that's question 1 + 1/2 >>

    I've looked low & high ... my load of elastix v 1.6 64 bit did NOT have DEVSTATE loaded ... Page 11 of the same PDF discusses the need, if I am reading this correctly.

    Is this the case ? :huh:

    If so, then Stinger81 has offered up some pretty good instructions for the fat fingered, such as myself, in the "Tips and Tricks" forum / How to install the DEVSTATE-Mod. ( It is included in the BETA v.2.X of elastix )

    This deserves a hug, ;)


    ps. How about Karmalizing then if no hug ?

    Edit ADD ON ...

    I'm looking at /usr/lib64/asterisk/modules --- > No located here ...

    Would this be the correct location when added ?

  4. Kalama Sutra

    Apr 15, 2009
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    Hello Aastra1,

    Just a quick little aside ...

    Loaded the XML Scripts on my "toy" test computer ( w/v.2 beta loaded ) ... practice typing, ya know .... :p

    Anyway, the mDNSResponder is kind of kool for us Mac / Safari users ... snaps right to it in Bonjour. :lol:

    Any way to configure that to reflect a specific machine as it comes up <<menu>> Bonjour / Webpages / trixbox ?? :S


  5. dicko

    Oct 24, 2008
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  6. Kalama Sutra

    Apr 15, 2009
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    Ya Told Me To RTFM !!!!! :p

    So Has Everybody Else !!!!!! :pinch:

    hehehe Aastra PDF PA-001009-05-00 page 3 / THREE, mind you. That's in the front of the book !!!! Dang Blummet ....

    2.2 Package installation / # 2.

    And I Quote " wget "

    Jeezz, I thought you were on the ball ? :S

    But, then again, I was relooking at some other stuff, and saw that you missed my "other" mistake :evil: ... ya know, like going to home depot to get a Bloody Hard Drive !

    That's right, I use Office Max for hammers & nails & saws & boards & stuff.

    So, it's back to "Measure once; cut twice; to the clinic for stitches; and, back to lumber yard for new board ! "



    PS. No time for the clinic, super glue and duct tape will have to do ... :X

    +++++++++++++++ For our Other elastix friends >>>> Para nuestros amigos elastix Otros +++++++++


    Ya me dijo que me RTFM !!!!! : P

    También lo ha hecho todo el mundo !!!!!! : Sujetador:

    hehehe Aastra PDF PA-001009-05-00 Page 3 / TRES, fíjate. Eso está en la parte delantera del libro!! Dang Blummet ....

    2.2 La instalación de paquetes / # 2.

    Y cito "wget"

    Jeezz, pensé que estaban en la pelota? : S

    Pero, de nuevo, yo estaba en relooking algunas otras cosas, y vio que extrañaba a mi "otro" error: el mal: ... ya sabes, como ir a Home Depot para obtener una unidad de disco duro con sangre!

    Así es, yo uso Máximo de la Oficina de martillos y clavos y sierras y tarjetas y cosas.

    Por lo tanto, es hora de volver a "la medida una vez, dos cortes, a la clínica para puntos de sutura, y, de vuelta al almacén de maderas para la nueva junta!"

    Un cordial saludo,


    PS. No hay tiempo para la clínica, pegamento y cinta adhesiva tendrá que hacer ... : X
  7. dicko

    Oct 24, 2008
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    Then I must ask Aastra1 what's going on here? are you announcing some sort of trixbox related service on noisy old Bonjour(avahi) ?

    (I'm not an iUnit and strongly disagree with noisy old apple protocols, they remind me of netbeui :) the first thing I usually do is turn the avahi stuff off, I rely on "traditional" i.e. "quiet" tcp/udp protocols, which IMHO work perfectly well with Aastra stuff apart from 9133's but we won't go there, will we Aastra1 :) anybody wanna buy a boat load of old Aastra stuff ? )

  8. Kalama Sutra

    Apr 15, 2009
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    Morning dicko,

    Naw, it does not look to be a "trixbox" service ... I just think it's the trixbox "icon" under the Apple / Safari menu selection. That's all ...

    -- See, for others that don't follow you ( and the other senior network posters around here ) , there's a great deal to learn from you guys & gals.

    I know the pay isn't too good around here, so compliments, respect, and dare I say, just a bit of admiration is due. And what the heck, " IMHO's " that can be backed up are sure a bunch better than smoke & mirrors.

    See, I even went to check out the avahi wiki this a.m. Like I said, I'm an old Mac'r, and we rarely get under the hood, other than to install more ram or an occasional HD that we purchased at Home Depot :blush: hehehe Even my local Linux Guru / friend ( making a fortune "repairing" Win Doorstops ) bought a mAC for his kids to keep them out of the workings.

    << For the moderators out there ... this little side communication is done to validate how much we ( those who are new ) appreciate your time and efforts. For those new, like me, don't be like that "bone head" that offended one of the senior posters here; you'll get no support or assistance. Thnx fr lttng m spt ... >>


  9. Kalama Sutra

    Apr 15, 2009
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    Hi All,

    Added some more ... replace one of my lines below with the reference from dicko :woohoo:


    Here's a load of the Aastra XML Script for Elastix , Version 2.2.1
    PDF document Doc. No: PA-001009-05-00

    This is to get DEVSTATE loaded on to my elastix machine as described on page 11 of the document.

    Below was written by : timborino / 6-28-2008 over at ... or-gxp2000

    "Yes, you need to recompile asterisk, or at least just this one module. Sorry it's a little involved for a trixbox server since everything is already installed.
    These are the commands I used to enable it in Trixbox CE VMWare."

    <<< You'll want to make certain you change the asterisk version references to your own version >>>
    <<< anything with triple "<"'s and ">"'s are items I've added for my own functionallity and notes; Kalama Sutra / Jim :side: >>>
    <<< done on a Mac Using TextWrangler / copy - pasted thru terminal via ssh >>>

    # yum -y install subversion gcc-c++
    # cd /usr/src
    # wget ... 6.1.tar.gz
    # svn checkout ... state-1.4/
    # tar xvfz asterisk-
    # cp func_devstate-1.4/func_devstate.c asterisk-
    # cd asterisk-
    # make clean
    # ./configure
    # make menuselect

    "(func_devstate should be listed under 6. Dialplan Functions)
    press 's' to save changes"
    <<< press ""X"" save & quit / did not see an 's' option >>>

    # make all
    # cp funcs/ /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/
    # service asterisk restart
    # asterisk -r

    <<< below I used the Asterisk CLI from the embeded FreePBX twice rather than from my YourServerName >>>

    <<< YourServerName >>>*CLI> core show function DEVSTATE

    <<< YourServerName >>>*CLI> module show like devstate

    <<< spelling error on page 11 of PA-001009-05-00 >>>

    <<< moving forward to installing the XML script V. 2.2.1 >>>

    " Page 3 -- 2.2 Package installation
    On your Elastix console, logged as root type

    1. cd /tmp

    2. wget

    <<< 2.a. Additional Documentation for items available after this script is run >>>
    <<< ... /35707.htm >>>
    <<< this line is from dicko's reference >>>

    3. gunzip install-aastra-xml-EL.x.gz

    4. chmod +x install-aastra-xml-EL.x

    5. ./install-aastra-xml-EL.x

    Your screen should look like this for a fresh install ... " <<<see page 3 of the PDF document >>>

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