Visual Dialplan integration with Elastix

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    Oct 23, 2008
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    Hi all,

    Visual Dialplan is next generation dialplan development platform with drag and drop interface, large component library, validation engine, integrated help etc. We just developed integration module that integrates Visual Dialplan with Elastix and able Elastix users to develop dialplans (IVRs, incoming and outgoing call flows, call center queues etc.) using benefits of intuitive drag and drop development interface and then deploy it to Elastix with a single press of a button.
    We are looking for beta testers to test this module.

    If you may be interested in testing Visual Dialplan with your Elastix installation please contact me at betaprogram at and I will send you all the details with the URL for beta version download.

    More information about Visual Dialplan can be found at

    Daniel Green

    Visual Dialplan interface

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