Virtual FAX problem.

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    Jun 7, 2007
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    Hello everybody.

    I have big problem with fax system.

    First i create 17 IAX2 acount and 17 virtual faxes(one fax per one users).

    end on each computer user i install hylafax virtual printer. Then on each computer i set 3 printer (beacuse i whant to send fax from differen IAX2-virtual faxes-company).

    So i have 3 virtual printer on each computer for each 3 company names. On each printer port configuration i set differen IAX2 login and password.

    Then i try to send 3 different document to one machines. and i recive all of them but i check on them "FROM fields" and this fields is incorect.

    so when i send fax from company1 i get fax from company2 sometimes 3 or 1.

    That same thing is when i try send fax from company2 or 3.

    so i think it shuld be:

    company1 ---- i shuld recive fax from company1
    company2 ---- i shuld recive fax from company2
    company3 ---- i shuld recive fax from company3

    When i run faxstat every fax have status Running and idle on elastix 0.8.4 in elastix 0.8.5 when run this
    tool i see only 8 fax to Running and idle and rest is on state "Waiting for modem come free" and this state don`t change even i do /etc/init.d/hylafax restart. Maybe is some limit for virtual faxes or something ?

    At last i have message for all elastix developer.
    on post from Saturday, 02 June 2007 it wast write:"Of course, this means that we are on the right development track" and it was corect but this what he make on elastix 0.8.5 is NOT "right development track". There is ONE BIG MESS on code.


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