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    May 12, 2009
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    Two questions, hopefully i am using the board correctly.

    First, with 1.5.2 after a error free install and everything appears to work, when i click on SYSTEM->USER MANAGEMENT I get an error that basically module usermgr is not installed and I am having trouble find it to install. Also when find it how do I install an elastix module, the only place i seem to be able to install modules is in freepbx and I do not recall a USERMGR module.

    I am extremely comfortable with freepbx but trying to understand why 1.5.2 has module TIME CONDITIONS without module TIME GROUP, seems like TIME CONDITIONS is useless without it but I am not an expert.

    Also, do I just go into FREEPBX to install additional modules to show up on the PBX tab of Elastix?

    thanks - ross

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