Use data from mysql server.


Jan 9, 2011
Hi all
I'm looking for some help for my pbx.
I'd like to use elastix with a remote db that contains some data about my customers orders (status of the order, tracking number etc).
I'm triyng to connect asterisk with mysql odbc
I read some manuals and now I can connect from shell using for example
isql -v asterisk-connector an I get

| Connected! |
| |
| sql-statement |
| help [tablename] |
| quit |
| |

if i write in asterisk shell
odbc show, I get
odbc show

ODBC DSN Settings


I set up /etc/asterisk/res_odbc.conf like this

;;; odbc setup file

; ENV is a global set of environmental variables that will get set.
; Note that all environmental variables can be seen by all connections,
; so you can't have different values for different connections.
;INFORMIXSERVER => my_special_database
;INFORMIXDIR => /opt/informix
;ORACLE_HOME => /home/oracle

; All other sections are arbitrary names for database connections.

dsn => asterisk-connector
;username => test
;password => test
pre-connect => yes
pooling => no
limit => 0
; What should we execute to ensure that our connection is still alive? The
; statement should return a non-zero value in the first field of its first
; record. The default is "select 1".
;sanitysql => select 1

enabled => no
dsn => asterisk-connector

username => test
password => test
pre-connect => yes
pooling => no
limit => 0
; On some databases, the connection times out and a reconnection will be
; necessary. This setting configures the amount of time a connection
; may sit idle (in seconds) before a reconnection will be attempted.
;idlecheck => 3600

; Certain servers, such as MS SQL Server and Sybase use the TDS protocol, which
; limits the number of active queries per connection to 1. By telling res_odbc
; not to share connections, Asterisk can be made to work with these servers.
enabled => no
dsn => mickeysoft
share_connections => no
limit => 5
username => oscar
password => thegrouch
pre-connect => yes
sanitysql => select count(*) from systables
; forcecommit => no ; Default to committing uncommitted transactions?
; Note: this is NOT the autocommit flag; this
; determines the end result of transactions which
; are not explicitly committed or rolled back. By
; default, such transactions are rolled back if the
; call ends without an explicit commit.
; isolation => read_committed ; Isolation level; supported levels are:
; read_uncommitted, read_committed, repeatable_read,
; serializable. Note that not all databases support
; all isolation levels (e.g. Postgres only supports
; repeatable_read and serializable). See database
; documentation for further information.
; Many databases have a default of '\' to escape special characters. MS SQL
; Server does not.
backslash_is_escape => no

Where is the problem?
How can i use the data from the db?
Thanks a lot

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