URI dialing with Aastra phones

Discussion in 'IP Phones' started by olivier1010, Mar 14, 2010.

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    Aastra, would it be possible to enable URI dialing ?

    I think it's time now to do this. More, we have a nice virtual keyboard with the 6739i to enable easy URI dialing.

    Some low cost (and low quality) phones like Grandstream do support this inside speeddial keys since more than 3 years.

    All tests that we have made in the field have shown that URI and ENUM dialing are reliable, often more reliable than relying on voip and pstn phone providers.

    URI dialing will permit to reduce costs, when calling from voip to voip clients. This cost reduction and added reliability will be beneficial to the IP telephony market, for manufacturers, integrators, VAR, resellers and clients.

    It's time now to go to full IP telephony. We only miss URI and ENUM dialing. We need as well good quality IP links with QOS from end to end and natural routing, but this will come naturaly with time.

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