!!Urgent need to help for all in elastix.

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    Hi Members,

    First of all ,i thank you in advance.

    I am Elastix user, learning voip technology and also asterisk.
    I have few doubts in elastix software.it follows.

    1.I need to modify the elastix ISO, mean need to add and edit some images e.g(logo,name etc....)

    2.Also i need to remove splash screen of elastix while booting the os also need to remove from elastix ISO.

    3.How to retrieve details from form which shown in agent screen in call_center module.(means details entered by agent which automated dialing).

    4.I need to play IVR for outgoing calls (outbound calls),whenever customer or client takes phone IVR need to play from our end with key press option.

    5.I need to add option after hangup calls in agent screen (call dispostion ,answering machine,so..) and need to be retrieve from separate report like other reports.
    for example flash demo:http://www.packet-shaper.com/dialprix-agent.html

    6.How to delete finished and unwanted csv datas also call recordings.

    Above mentioned questions are little general information, which person like me not able to get it, from forum of elastix and elastix connection or other forums.
    Also i got different PDF documents about "elastix" also "no tears",not mentioned my doubts.

    Thanking you once again.


    waiting for reply


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