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Discussion in 'General' started by Amphibian, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. Amphibian

    Sep 8, 2009
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    Under "FreePBX Notices" I see "There are 50 modules available for online upgrades"....

    Under Elastix, System, Updates, I see that everything shows updated.

    Question is, do I still need to do the Freepbx updates or has Elastix done the required updates already and if not, why since I have automatic updates set?

    And, if I need to do these Freepbx updates are there any of these updates that may take my system down?

    Updates Listed:
    findmefollow (current:
    ivr (current:
    dashboard (current:
    announcement (current:
    infoservices (current:
    queues (current:
    phpinfo 2.5.0 (current: 2.4.0)
    ringgroups (current:
    callwaiting (current: 2.5.0)
    miscapps (current:
    donotdisturb (current:
    conferences (current:
    timeconditions (current:
    inventorydb (current:
    cidlookup (current:
    pinsets (current:
    irc (current: 2.5.0)
    customerdb (current:
    manager (current:
    music (current:
    daynight (current:
    blacklist (current:
    printextensions (current:
    dictate (current:
    voicemail (current:
    parking (current:
    callback (current:
    recordings (current:
    javassh (current: 2.5.0)
    asterisk-cli (current:
    paging (current:
    dundicheck (current: 2.5.0)
    miscdests (current:
    callforward (current:
    customappsreg (current:
    vmblast (current:
    core (current:
    phpagiconf (current:
    queueprio (current:
    framework (current:
    pbdirectory (current: 2.5.0)
    logfiles (current: 2.5.0)
    featurecodeadmin (current:
    backup (current:
    phonebook (current:
    speeddial (current: 2.5.0)
    fw_langpacks (current: 2.5.1)
    fw_ari (current: 2.5.2.rc1)
    disa (current:
    languages (current:

  2. dwells

    Sep 29, 2009
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    FreePBX is seperate from Elastix. Yes do the FreePBX updates!!! No they won't take down your system.

    BTW if you have that many updates, then you will do the FreePBX Framework update by itself (DON"T APPLY CHANGES YET!)
    Then do other updates. Those are instructions from the FreePBX GUI itself, and I haven't broken any of mine yet.

    There are many different layers to this whole PBX thing. OS(Linux)>Asterisk>FreePBX(Which controls Asterisk configs) > Elastix as the main wrapper around it all!!!(there are others too!) They all have a symbiotic relation to one another, but are different. They all must be maintained.
  3. donhwyo

    Aug 8, 2008
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    The Elastix system will maintain all those other systems at a stable level. If you are new and unaware let the Elastix manage things. As you learn and want more features look at updating outside the Elastix guidelines. Also others will no doubt do it and post howto or how not to do it. I recommend having a 2nd box to experiment with. If you don't have a spare box or phone hardware it can be a second partition on the same box. Then you have a fallback if things break.

    Don't be afraid but be prepared if things break, they probably will at some critical time.


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