updated iaxmodem to 0.3.0

Apr 18, 2007
skip non-regular files in /etc/iaxmodem (Julien BLACHE)
take caution against bad refresh negotiations from the server
update spandsp to snapshot 20070502 (adds V.17 rx support)
improve the ability to detect quiet signalling (spandsp: fsk min_power)
improve the sensitivity to carrier loss (spandsp: power_meter)
improve tcflushing when getty not reading pty and buffer fills,
prevents fast looping when buffer is filled
update spandsp to snapshot 20070123
on startup rotate log files larger than 1GB, open with O_LARGEFILE
use power level of detected signalling in silence identification
add CDID, USER, and PASS (context, username, password) in
call identification information
add feature-usage of posix_openpt (Julien BLACHE)
fix the error of CONNECT appearing when in command-mode (spandsp)
update spandsp to snapshot 20061217
add nojitterbuffer configuration option
fix jitterbuffer to send non-null audio
fix some array size off-by-one counting problems (Hans Petter Selasky)
update spandsp to snapshot 20061116
fix some select racing due to invalid selects and just before NO ANSWERs
add "restart modem" feature (kill -HUP) for individual modems
fix problem of sending DTE data after a final-frame HDLC
message but before the OK and carrier drop
add jitterbuffer
attempt to compensate for received jitter
rename recorded files to "old" when done recording
update spandsp to snapshot 20060907 (and fix spandsp)
improve audio file closing
add configure and Makefile.in (contrib: Anish Mistry)
fix library versioning for static builds
take measures to avoid detecting echo as signalling
ignore spandsp "on hook" handler messages
ignore DTMF when not received in command-mode
more finely tune V.29 and V.27ter rx training (spandsp)
properly terminate Phase C reception data when an unexpected
disconnection occurs there
fix idle-busy condition (report: Francesco Romano, Olaf Ferger)
flush pty buffer if it fills
cause the AT command interpreter to be more strict (spandsp)
fix condition where DTE input would not be passed on to spandsp
when it should have been
enable data flow if flow control is off on hangup (spandsp)
add IAX2 DTMF recognition and reporting
fix V.21 HDLC flags threshold detection (spandsp)
update spandsp to 0.0.3-snapshot-20060707
add support for comments begun by ";" in the config files
fix "Setting refresh" output information
add 5-second automatic busy-out after hangups
ensure use of iax_destroy(session) after iax_hangups
removed -O2 from build script as reports claim it helps stability
implement an inactivity timeout in stuffed tx mode (spandsp)
fix -V version output for libiax2 and spandsp
configure and make libs automatically with 'build static'
apply fix for CORE-2006-0327 libiax2 vulnerability
properly place the modem on-hook on a hangup (spandsp)
don't skew due to incoming audio before the call is answered
log received IAX2 jitter
fix a logic error that could cause fast looping (report Lee Archer)
fix "no room in buffer" error messages
fix IAX2 timestamp interpretation on miniframes (libiax2)
fix md5 auth on x86-64 (from iaxclient, Steve Kann, Steve Underwood)
add quoting on version defines (Stefan Knoblich)
update spandsp to 0.0.3-snapshot-20060525 (fixes CNG, report Xavier Caro)
add support for AT+VSID="%s","%d", Caller*ID setting from DTE
improve V.17 rx training (spandsp, Bartek Kania, Steve Underwood)
update spandsp to 0.0.3-snapshot-20060523
fix x86-64 spandsp build problem (report: Julien BLACHE,
fix: Steve Underwood)
re-fix potentially missing V.21 CONNECT messages (spandsp)
handle error situation where DSP may not have any available
space for more tty data (report: Martin Vit)
adjust iaxmodem.c and libiax2 for OpenBSD (Todd T. Fries)
update spandsp to 0.0.3-snapshot-20060427
add command-line -V (version) argument and response
fix potentially missing V.21 CONNECT messages (spandsp)
ignore spandsp's ring indicator
add auto-answer (e.g. ATS0=1) support (spandsp)
make V.29 rx more sensitive (spandsp)
improve logging features (Julien BLACHE)
cope with audio that is non-zero centered (spandsp, Steve Underwood)
fix lrintf() warning on static builds (Julien BLACHE)
fix timeout on calling for initial carrier detection (spandsp)
add silent dial support (spandsp)
don't loop fast when not registering
don't exit on registration failure (request: Julien BLACHE)
add init script for Fedora (Erik L. Smith)
reduce the amount of logging by V.17 receive
improve the timing of OK results after
AT+FRH=3 commands (spandsp)
use new spandsp-t31 CallID methods
update spandsp to 0.0.3 20060226 snapshot
add run as daemon option (Julien BLACHE)
move config files to /etc/iaxmodem (Julien BLACHE)
add owner and mode config file options (Julien BLACHE)
drop privileges once the device is set up (Julien BLACHE)
fix various warnings and missing includes (Julien BLACHE)
add static library build support (Julien BLACHE)
add init script (Julien BLACHE)
add iaxmodem man page (Julien BLACHE)
fix libiax2 to support POKE (keepalive, qualify=yes)
process more than one libiax2 event during a loop
(this is a big fix, especially for senders)
add "skew" self-clocking control to try to keep the
transmit window from making us transmit too fast
perform select even when we're behind to fix the
flagging of the file descriptor checks
update libiax2 from iaxclient
reduce the amount of debugging output from libiax2
improve the timing of CONNECT responses after
AT+FRH=3 commands (spandsp)
fix the return value of t31_at_tx_handler to
prevent lock-ups
ensure that DLE+ETX gets delivered upon some
kinds of unexpected hangups
make ATH1 return OK if in command mode, even
if the modem is already off-hook (spandsp)
make ATZ put the modem on-hook state internally
because it does hang-up (spandsp)
replace libtool symlinks with files (libiax2)
fix flow control and buffer handling
broken by 0.0.8 spandsp update (report: Russ Price)
fix tone generation in spandsp
(fix by Steve Underwood., report by Russ Price)
update spandsp to 20060205 snapshot
add ATH1 (busy-out) command support
fix errors with pointers to call id strings
close the config file after reading it
change xon/xoff char to u_char
change exit() to _exit()
add "refresh: 0" support (disable registration)
update spandsp to 20051220 snapshot
update libiax2 from CVS (2005-12-02)
add support for ulaw and alaw
fix memory leaks in libiax2 usage
use ntohs instead of swapbytes
improve error logging on short writes
some code optimizing (report: Martin Vit)
added record and replay options
improve transmission of audio before hangup
Call ID integration into spandsp
fix spandsp handling of Class 1.0
utilize select return value (report: Martin Vit)
add Class1AdaptRecvCmd to HylaFAX config
fix CPU usage of the main loop (report: Martin Vit)
fix select error of using negative values (report: Martin Vit)
move HDLC transmit timeout into spandsp
update to spandsp-0.0.3pre3, fixing some of it
add AT+FAR=1 support (spandsp)
add proper +FCERROR reporting (spandsp)
result NO CARRIER if hangup occurs during AT+FRS=n (spandsp)
ensure RINGs don't occur after ATA
added ANI reporting via "ANID" response
change usage of iax_busy to iax_congestion
added iax_congestion to libiax2
improved transmit flow control
improved transmit buffer recycling (spandsp)
enable V.17 in spandsp modify HylaFAX config to disable it on receiving
improved AT command-response behavior (spandsp)
improved timestamp syncrhonization on 16-bit overflow (libiax2)
improved HDLC frame preamble detection (spandsp)
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