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    Feb 6, 2010
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    hi all.
    thought this would be useful to someone like me.... :)

    there are situations where you would like to have unique IVR for different DIDs.
    eg. you have two pstn lines connected to your elastix server. when someone from outside calls to your first line, they should hear the first ivr, and the second ivr for the second line.

    1. goto traditional pbx from elastix
    2. go to zapchannels dids and create it for two lines
    3. from elastix->pbx create the inbound route specifying the dids and the corresponding ivr.
    4. goto chan_dahdi.conf and edit context=from-pstn to context=from-zaptel
    4. goto dahdi-channels.conf and edit context=from-pstn to context=from-zaptel for the fxo lines
    5. save both the files and restart asterisk
    6. you will have it working... good luck ... :)

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