two functions not working in the callcenter module

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    Hi elastix community

    The callcenter module works quite good, but there is two failures or functions that I do not know how to activate:
    1)The callcenter agent forms are correctly created. When the agent receives an incoming call, the call goes through and the communication is established between the agent and the external caller, but when the agent tries to fill the data inside the form, it does not work, it can not write anything on the form.
    2)Where are this forms saved once they are filled up?, how can they be extracted to be reviewed?

    If somebody has put to work this two functions correctly, please document it and post it with details.

    I am glad to help putting this two functions to work.

    I am working with elastix 2.0 and callcenter module 1.5 (or the most recent one)

    Waiting for your comments

    David Medina

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