TTS- ERROR: TTS engine binary not found

Discussion in 'General' started by huotg01, Oct 4, 2009.

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    Aug 28, 2009
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    I installed the FreePBX "text to speech" module.

    I also installed swift on my Elastix distro.

    The FreePBX module seems to work well and allows me to create "objects" that I use in the "programming of the PBX. Swift beeing installed, the tool give me the choice between "text2wave" or swift when configuring the tts object.

    So far so good. Then it becomes a sad story...

    You will notice: "ERROR: TTS engine binary not found"

    The error is the same using "text2wave" ou swift.
    I therefor suspect that is is more "system".

    I googled for days, without any success, ans here I am...

    I would apprciate if someone can explain to me what is going on and/or give to me some orientations ?

    ps: I should say that text2wave and TTS FreePBX module was running well before I started to experiment with swift. I think it is related to the registering of the binaries but it goed clearly beyond my knowledge.

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