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  1. itmanager

    Jun 1, 2008
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    hi ,

    1.How to view and hear the recorded voice of outbound and inbound?
    2.How to download the voice file from Elastix?
    3.How to change the lead format (telephone,card number,name,surname) to (telephone,address,name,surname)?
    4.what is the use of vtigerCRM?Is that help leads configuring,is that integrated with Elastix or is that separated?
    5.Is this detect the answering machine?But there is a configuring file in asterisk (amd.conf)-->what is the use of this file?
    6.What are all the limitations in Elastix software.How many agents can create and use it?
    Kindly help me out to solve this problems.

    Thanks & Regards
  2. dingoland

    Jan 16, 2008
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    1- there is a list of monitored conversations in the Elastix: connect as admin and go to PBX menu -> monitor
    You will see a list of the recorded conversations.
    2- there is a link to download the wav file for each conversation on this same page.
    3- don't know
    4- VTiger CRM is an open CRM software "Client Relation Management" to manage your clients database if you have one. SugarCRM is the same also.
    They are integrated to Elastix when installing but the service is not started.
    5- i don't understand the question.
    6- The limitations are the machine hardware, machine power and the network or DSL connection. There is no limit on the software itself i think.


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