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  1. veritech

    Jul 16, 2008
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    Is there a simple way to upgrade Trixbox to Elastix?

    As they are both FreePBX systems, can I do a backup on Trix, using the system backup to get voicemail, system recordings, cdr and restore them in a fresh install of elastix?

  2. danardf

    Dec 3, 2007
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    Congratulation :woohoo:

    you've made the good choice B)

    but, it's more prudent to install by hand.

    Wait, another response to confirm mine :whistle:
  3. Bob


    Nov 4, 2007
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    Yes it is possible to migrate from Trixbox to Elastix but it is a manual method, and even then still frought with possible issues everytime a new version comes out.
    I have completed it a few times, and I set a basic rule, that under 50-60 users, it is not worth the time and worry that you missed something.

    Whilst you are correct, the same Freepbx product is used, there are some subtle changes, including to passwords, that will break other areas of the system, and unless you are very familiar with both systems, it can be time consuming task to resolve.

    When I do trixbox to Elastix upgrades (which is often), I generally ask them to remove their voicemails. If this is not palatable, I give their receptionist or system admin a copy of the voicemails on a CD or DVD in case any are needed. The CDR, I export as CSV file and save into Excel, and provide this to them on the same CD. The system recordings I manually copy from the system (e.g. WINSCP) and when rebuilding their configuration, I naturally upload these as recording via the Freepbx interface. I set this expectation at the start before we commit to an upgrade, and almost everytime, the client says 'as long as we have a copy, it won't be an issue'.

    So, in a long round about way, what Danardf said is probably spot on, and even though I can do the migration, I feel so much more confident doing a fresh install, and even more confident that I probably shouldn't need to do it again, especially with the product that Elastix is and the direction in which it is going.

    Otherwise, choosing Elastix is a good choice and well worth a little bit of manual effort.


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