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    It's what I was expecting to do, but of course, there are days where you finish doing things the hard way to find an easier one later.

    I do agree with the other posts, Elastix is a superior product and I have been very satisfied with it.
    This is also why I want to migrate some customers that I have Trix installed on before I found out about Elastix :-(
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    Nov 4, 2007
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    Re:Thanks - Followon from Trixbox thread

    In case anyone reading this is confused, this is a thread started called TRIXBOX

    I agree with you, and its better to ask the question.

    Just one other thing, I find useful, and we quote it when we do an upgrade is a new hard disk.

    Number 1 it is good practice, especially on some of the older systems where the hard drive is getting on a bit.

    Number 2 is that it provides a rollback plan, again a good business practice. Its always easier to upgrade knowing you have a good backup plan, and stops the midnight wobblies (anyone in the IT game knows of a problem upgrade that takes them into the midnight and tempers start to flare).

    The cost of the disk is quite cheap, and realistically, what is your time worth especially if you have any issues....



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