TE122P & TDM400

Discussion in 'General' started by Bob, May 16, 2008.

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    Nov 4, 2007
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    Just starting a thread to see if others are coming across the issue with the above two cards in the one box.

    Over the years, have installed the TDM400P and TE120P into Trixbox and Elastix(Pre 1.0), and generally have never had a problem.

    Over the last month with 1.0RC and 1.0 Stable (including updates), I am seeing some real issues with stability of the Zaptel Hardware.

    This has been tested by myself on three different systems, two boxes were identical and one the box was over a year old.

    The main thing that we are seeing, is that the cards are being detected ok, and will function for weeks on end, until someone pulls the power on the box. Then the cards will come up as unconfigured. Detect again and away they go again. It appears that only when a power down occurs, that the cards appear to lose their way. I am aware of another poor soul that has found the exact same results.

    Anyhow, throwing it out there to see if this issue is widespread???

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