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    Hi, im looking to set up a card on my elastix box, to act as a T1 trunk, but i am a noob regarding this type of cards, im gonna connect another server that will use analog telephones, but will get the service from the elastix pbx, i will post the requirements of this server, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance for you help.


    Per T1 trunk

    grouping: float
    search type: first
    protocol: HDLC
    in band signaling: DTMF
    select sequence: DSEQ
    Hunting: Dont care
    Hunting selection: HDLC
    framing/line coding: ESF/B8ZS
    Active B channels: 1-23
    B channel negotiation: No
    D-channel: 24
    Facilities: None (i.e. no ANI, FastCall, etc.)
    CO switch: A supported switch
    CSU: Tylink Open network server 100 or equivalent (including remote and local loopback modes) the customer is responsible for installation of CSU.

    Those were the requirements for the server, hope some one can help me find out what card is the one i need, again thanks in advance.

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