Superfecta 2.2.0 do not show CID name

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    I installed Superfecta 2.2.0 and use it with Infobel lookup.

    I tryed it out and I found 2 problems :

    1. When a call came in, no name/number will be shown on the destination phone behind the PBX.
    But Superfecta added the correct entry in the MySQL/asterisk/superfectacache database.
    If the same caller calls again, then the correct name/number will be shown on the phone, because the entry was already found in the cache.

    So I made my own Infobel file for France (as simple as possible = "quick & dirty" ) based on the Patrick_elx file and checked it out.
    With this new file, I did not have this problem.
    I attach my php files for comparation.
    I do not know where the problem of the original Infobel file is :-(
    (BTW, I added Germany and Spain in the Infobel file and a Swiss Phonebook lookup file which should work, too)

    2. I think this is a worser problem:
    First, I will explain you my configuration.
    The phone from which I call to the PBX, is a SIP phone which sends name and number in the SIP Info.
    No entry of this number/user will be found in the Internet phonebooks.

    With CID Lookup disabled, I called with this phone to the PBX.
    On the destination phone behind the PBX, the name/number was show on the display = OK.

    With CID Lockup enabled, the phone shows only the number and the name field was empty.

    I am searched in the other source files, while I found maybe the source of the problem:
    With the source-Trunk_Provided.php, Superfecta should get the "Caller ID Name" from asteriskCLI Interface.
    IMO here is the "bug".

    I traced Asterisk Manager and Asterisk CLI at the same time as I called in.
    In AsteriskCLI, after I saw the incoming all, I entered "core show channels concise" to find the current channel name and then I entered "core show channel ".

    After the call, I compared the AsteriskManager log with the AsteriskCLI Log.
    In the AsteriskCLI log I found the Info "Caller ID Name" but is showed me the CID number instead of the name :

    Name: SIP/5059-08d00900
    Type: SIP
    UniqueID: 1251290340.16
    Caller ID: 33486688802
    Caller ID Name: 33486688802
    DNID Digits: 33811951784
    State: Ring (4)

    But in the AsteriskManager, I found with same channel name the correct/wished Info :

    Event: Newchannel
    Privilege: call,all
    Channel: SIP/5059-08d00900
    State: Down
    CallerIDNum: 33486688802
    CallerIDName: HARRY
    Uniqueid: 1251290340.16

    Event: Newstate
    Privilege: call,all
    Channel: SIP/5059-08d00900
    State: Ring
    CallerID: 33486688802
    CallerIDName: HARRY
    Uniqueid: 1251290340.16

    IMO, the source-Trunk_Provided.php should better look in the Asterisk Manager,
    as these infos are not modified by the macros.

    Is there a way to change that ?
    If yes, how ?

    Because, I am not good in programming.
    But in debugging, I can help you!

    If you need help to check it out, do not hesitate to ask me ;-)

    Thanks in advance


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