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    Aug 3, 2010
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    Im currently using Elastix 1.6-12

    I been having some issues with the Summary by extensions report. I have looked around the forums and nothing came up. I'm trying to gather up a report that can log how many calls out/in someone makes in a day, it works for some of the extensions but not all, all the settings are the same in Elastix for each extension. right now to do my reports i have been just exporting the CDR report in excel and doing a find all per extension. not very efficient and time consuming. If this is just a simple bug that I can fix please help me.

    Also with the monitoring, I was wondering if their is a simpler way to look this up. say if a complaint called in about a specific call is their a way I can just bring that up on the fly or do i have to go back to the date and look back manually, going through each page of calls to go back to a specific time to listen to the call. It will be really helpful once this office becomes 50 people to 250.

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