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Discussion in 'General' started by jedaustin, Jan 19, 2009.

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    Dec 30, 2008
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    I am relatively new to Elastix but used asterisk@home and trixbox for several years before just building the everything from scratch so that I knew that everything installed actually worked.

    The thing I hated most about Asterisk@home and Trixbox was that I assumed that their stable releases had everything working. Instead of fixing everything and then adding new features they grew like crazy leaving things broken for a long time.

    My hardware vendor gave me two options to stay in supported territory... Trixbox or Elastix. I've fixed too many broken Trixbox releases and don't agree with their current direction... so that left Elastix.

    Anyway... on to my point :)
    The PBX came preloaded with Elastix.
    I upgraded the underlying FreePBX to (the current release) to allow restoring the freepbx backup I'd been working on. The extensions in Elastix no longer work after the upgrade unless I access them directly from the FreePBX interface (thankfully that link is there!).

    Also bulk extensions export/import with custom extensions do not work but they do work with the bunkextensions freepbx module (bulkextensions-

    The issue that occurs with extensions is that all of the fields are blank when viewing them from Elastix but they appear fine when viewed within FreePBX.

    I would suggest framing the actual freepbx interface PBX functions (like you frame the flash panel) so that you don't have to keep writing code that matches theirs and develop a color scheme that matches FreePBX so it all blends.

    There are some language related things that require change for english (recibed isn't a word in english)
    "You don't recibed emails" => "No emails received.",
    "You don't recibed faxes" => "No faxes received.",
    "You don't recibed calls" => "No calls received.",
    "You don't recibed voicemails" => "No voicemails received.",

    When changing the system time I noticed some hard coded spanish: 'Hora del sistema cambiada correctamente'.
    I changed it in /var/www/html/modules/time_config/index.php

    Anyway.. back to fixing the cisco endpoint manager stuff.
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    Sep 23, 2008
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    Hi jedaustin,

    Without starting a flame war, Im curious to know what it was about Trixbox that you didnt like the direction of? I used it a while, almost 6 months ago now ... havent been keeping up with whats new in the Trixbox world though.

    Anyways, Ive fixed the en.lang file over here: ... 5151#15151
    Just made a post a couple of days ago. You can grab the file from here:
    I dont claim its perfect, but the Engrish on the main dashboard is at least fixed ;) Ive also changed the "20 segs of duration" to "20 seconds long"

    Cant say Ive used the bulk-provisioning tool enough to know the ins and outs of it, nor have I upgraded FreePBX on anything more than a quick test box...

    Anyways, welcome to the Forums, I see you've already made a few posts though. Hope the en.lang file helps a bit



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