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    Nov 19, 2009
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    - 13 Aastra 9143i phones
    - Same amount of softphones (Zoiper 2.0 for MacOSX) using IAX2 to be able to work from the customer sites or at home
    - Grandstream GXW4104 FXO gateway
    - Netgear PoE switches with enough UPS to keep the system running for 4hours without power
    - Dell server I had kicking around
    - IAX2 account for international calls

    Location: Costa Rica

    I started with the latest trixbox install and spent far too many hours fixing many critical bugs. Just for kicks I tried Elastix and everything I needed just worked. Will not be looking back.

    The system is now in production. Being my first time installing an IP phone system there were a few challenges:

    - The Grandstream gateway is working but required some tuning to get the parameters right for Costa Rica.
    - I learned too late that the Aastra scripts for Elastix only works in 32bit systems (my Dell is 64bit). So I had to do some manual setup in the files created by the Endpoint Configuration in tftpboot to get all the features I wanted working (buttons and time zone).

    I have one remaining mystery. Every once in awhile the IVR answers and one hears a brief buzz/rattle for about a second and then continues without a problem. The buzzing does NOT correspond to a particular incoming line. It does not affect anything -- its just annoying.

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