Strange Music on hold problem

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    Jan 8, 2008
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    Hi elastix community

    I have an 1.5.2-2 64 bits elastix voip server installed in a very robust server (HP Proliant with 2 XEON processors, 8 gb of ram and three 160 gb hard disks, 2 ETH cards).
    Everything works fine but I have a real issue with the music on hold:
    If I do a call and dial in to the server, and when I am transferred to the queue I hear the music for about two seconds, then silence, a glitch, or an echo, but when I transmit any noise or whisper through the mic of the handset, I start hearing the music, and then it stops until I generate more noise. If the place were I am calling has a background noise that can be transmitted to the mic of the handset, then I can hear the music on hold continusly until an agent answers.

    How can I solve this?, have some body experience this failure?

    Waiting for your comments

    David Medina
  2. rafael

    May 14, 2007
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    Some friends had this issue and the problem was voice activity detection. This can be solve by setting an asterisk variable to off where dependeing on the technology you are using. If this happened with a trunk, then you have to contact your provider.

    check this link:



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