Static and low volume on my analog lines.

Discussion in 'General' started by oshkosh, Aug 13, 2010.

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    Jul 27, 2010
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    Hey everyone. I have a TDM410P card with 4 analog lines connected. If I connect a phone directly to the line, it sounds fine and works no problem. The problem seems to be with Asterisk. If I call extension to extension or call voicemail, it sounds really loud and perfectly clear.

    However, if I make a call to the outside using the analog lines, the other person hears me fine, no static sounds great. For me though, I hear bad static on the line, with some echo and the volume very low. Someone told me to change the rxgain to make it higher which did help with the volume but it just amplifies the static as well.

    This seems to be a configuration problem though. For example, I called voicemail from my SIP phone on my desk and recorded my greeting. I then called from my cell phone and the greeting had no static and sounded perfect and loud. I recorded a message just saying "testing testing one two three" and hung up. I called into the voicemail system from my SIP phone and played the message. There was NO static and it played very loud.

    However, if I call someone from my SIP phone it's really bad static. So doesn't seem to be a problem with the lines since it should play it both ways. People I call say I'm loud and sound perfectly clear, yet I hear them with lots of static. I've tried many numbers they all do it, so it's just something with the receiving end. I'm not really sure where to begin troubleshooting so hoping that someone can assist...

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