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    Hi Friends,

    Looking for best Billing Solution for your VoIP Company,OR looking to start your own calling card business under your company brand name.
    Apnavoip is a platform that allows to implement various types of Voice Over the Internet Protocol (VOIP) services,

    Our VoIP billing, Softswitch solution provides the creation and management of prepaid calling cards, real time rating and billing of credit customers, IVR Support, Agents Management, Commission Generation, Real-time customer provisioning and activity tracking,
    Secure payment/collection criteria for both prepaid and postpaid services and Management Reports
    This solution results in the simplicity of preparing the system, by the operator, to be fully functional for providing services and also for administrating it in the future.

    APNAVOIP proudly Offers the Hosted Softswitch (VoIPSwitch+All Modules(VSC,VSR,Portal,OnlineShop,Callback Pin/DID/IVR/Web/SMS,Tunnel,SIP Dialer,pc2phone,Call Shop available) WIth Full Remote Desktop Control WIth following server Specifications:

    120 concurrent calls

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