SPECIAL Prefixes To Each Countries

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    Dear friends,

    I have an intention, i did read and try many topics o pages but i didn't find any solution.
    I like give a prefix to each counrtries ; How,

    For example,

    Afganistan Country Code is 93 and A2billing sent to trunk directly 93xxx. but i want to use with an additional prefix for example 0011 ( additional prefix ) - 93 ( country code ) - mobile or fixed number


    Austuria Country Code is 43 and i want to call 0012 - 43 - mobile or fixed number.

    I don't want use any additional prefix on trunk or ratecard. How can i set that ? I found a solution but impossible way for use how ; i have selected " Keep Prefix " in the Callplan then i gone to Rates and i have given a " DIALPREFIX " for example 0011 and then i gone to Trunks and i give that prefix 0011 ( same as value DIALPREFIX ) to " REMOVE PREFIX " line on a trunk. Now when i call to Austuria with customer number and secret i login to a2billing via softphone and i call 001143mobileorfixedphone it goes correctly to trunk and the call success.

    But i need more easy way because i can write country prefixes to all REMOVE PREFIX lines on each trunk because more necessary more than 400 prefix.

    I wish some friends can help to me.
    Thank you.

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