SPAXXX configuration Broken template?

Discussion in 'IP Phones' started by agidi, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. agidi

    Jan 13, 2008
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    I'm having some issues with the SPA provisioning.

    I finally found the template file that Elastix uses to create the CFG file in /tftpboot
    Its in /var/www/html/modules/endpoint_configuration/libs/vendors/Linksys.cfg.php

    I'm no coder, so I'm not sure about this, but I think its a bit broken.

    The template file has a bunch of settings that It should pass on to the cfg file. But only half the page gets written.

    I'm postinga URL with an image comparing both the template and the actual cfg file that comes out from it.

    Anyone with coding experience can ID if the code is missing something? or why its not passing the rest?

  2. Chilling_Silence

    Sep 23, 2008
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    Not too sure how relevant this is due to the age of the thread, but its still worth posting that Ive done a few SPA942's & SPA962's with no issues using the endpoint manager. Just hit the button and it worked no worries on Elastix-1.2! :)
  3. agidi

    Jan 13, 2008
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    Hello ChillingSilence

    Its still "broken" it does work. But it hardly pushes any info into the phone. Just the bare minimums.

    For example, in the second part mentioned in my previous post, if you modify the time setup, GMT-X the phone does not get the new time settup. Or the vertical codes, nor the text logo, etc.

    I was testing around and achieved to pass more info into the phone with the following code.
    But it has to be hand tweaked.

    <Resync_Periodic ua=\"na\">86400</Resync_Periodic>
    <Proxy_1_ ua=\"na\">$ipAdressServer</Proxy_1_>
    <Outbound_Proxy_1_ ua=\"na\">$ipAdressServer</Outbound_Proxy_1_>
    <Primary_NTP_Server ua=\"na\">$ipAdressServer</Primary_NTP_Server>
    <Profile_Rule ua=\"na\">tftp://$ipAdressServer/spa\$MA.cfg</Profile_Rule>

    <Text_Logo group=\"Phone/General\">$DisplayName</Text_Logo>
    <Station_Name group=\"Phone/General\">$DisplayName</Station_Name>
    <Voice_Mail_Number group=\"Phone/General\"></Voice_Mail_Number>
    <Display_Name_1_ ua=\"na\">$DisplayName</Display_Name_1_>
    <Short_Name_1_ ua=\"na\">$id_device</Short_Name_1_>
    <User_ID_1_ ua=\"na\">$id_device</User_ID_1_>
    <Password_1_ ua=\"na\">$secret</Password_1_>

    <Speed_Dial_2 ua=\"rw\"/>
    <Speed_Dial_3 ua=\"rw\"/>
    <Speed_Dial_4 ua=\"rw\"/>
    <Speed_Dial_5 ua=\"rw\"/>
    <Speed_Dial_6 ua=\"rw\"/>
    <Speed_Dial_7 ua=\"rw\"/>
    <Speed_Dial_8 ua=\"rw\"/>
    <Speed_Dial_9 ua=\"rw\"/>

    <Time_Zone ua=\"na\">GMT-06:00</Time_Zone>
    <Voice_Mail_Number ua=\"na\">*97</Voice_Mail_Number>
    <Paging_Code ua=\"na\">*80</Paging_Code>
    <Select_Logo ua=\"ua\">BMP Picture</Select_Logo>
    <Text_Logo ua=\"na\">Neurotech</Text_Logo>
    <Select_Background_Picture ua=\"ua\">BMP Picture</Select_Background_Picture>
    <BMP_Picture_Download_URL ua=\"ua\">tftp://</BMP_Picture_Download_URL>


    I use mostly SPA's If you do to, and are interested in tweaking this for a decent stable release I would be glad to help, do I'm no coder. I just test bust, undo, test, etc.


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