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    Hello all,

    after some months of using Elastix in production I'm finally facing only with the sound quality issue. We use 2 type of connection (ISDN and SIP VOIP provider) and on both of them suffer from the low volume issue.

    The conversation volume is too low. For the ISDN (and Digium card) I manage to improve the situation with the rxgain/txgain options in the mISDN.conf, but the VOIP IAX2 trunk is disaster.
    Some customers say that we call them from the back side of the Moon, they barely can't hear us.

    People in this forum told once that the manual tx/rx gain control is necessary only for the hardware boards and for the SIP connections it's not. However what I hear really requires minimum +6+9dB amplification to be useful. It's a real problem when the product fails with its main/core functionality. All whistles and bells are useless if the sound of call is bad.

    Is there any settings in 1.4 Asterisk version that allows to set gain on IAX2/SIP channel for any reasonable (a/ulaw/gsm/ilbc/speex) codecs (or even for exotic ones)?

    Some info about my configuration: Elastix 1.6, Digium card, VOIP provider, our phones set to the maximum volume. We use soft and hard phones.

    I'll attach the phone call recording snapshots, for VOIP and ISDN calls, so you will see the difference.

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