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    I was having problem with slow ENUM lookup and my wife wasn't happy with the dial speed, so I had to took out ENUM trunk out of my local outbound route. But I found the reason why I was having slow lookup.

    I had my DNS configured to use my router (pfSense) DNS cache, but since my router is not a "Super Computer" is was actually slowing down DNS resolution, I tested my ISP and my ISP DNS Server are not really fast either. I knew OpenDNS, but I don't like them sending me to their search page when I enter a bad URL, they spoof every bad DNS request to point to their web server and serve you ads to pay for the Free service.

    After a bit of google I found public DNS service faster than OpenDNS and faster than my ISP too. Here is a list of their address. I haven't been able to find the company home page to give them some credit, here it goes:

    These DNS server doesn't reply when you look for a bad domain name. They are located on then backbone. Be sure to test a trace route from your server to theirs to see How many router can go wrong to make you loose all kind of DNS query... You should always keep your ISP DNS in second in case that happen.

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