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    Dec 9, 2009
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    Hi every body

    once again I have anew question

    I want to route my outgoing call to a Feature Code

    1- Add new Misc Application and enable the feature code and put the Destination to any of your IVR
    2- Make a campaign with its csv file say have two numbers (0167567846,0162545735)
    3- When the campaign begin and the first call to 0167567846 start rout it to the feature code
    I have done

    this what i made
    include => automatic-msg
    exten => 600,1,Answer
    exten => 600,2,dial(sip/199) where(199)is the feature code number

    It give me nothing :dry:

    please don't tell me to use goto (..........)

    I want it to be just like i made exten => 600,2,dial(sip/199)
    to view the call duration in the report

    any idea :huh:

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