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    [Posted it here for discussion]

    What I would like to tell with much appreciation is Elastix team has proved what it is capable of to create a robust UCS (I am yet a user of Elastix nor sipX, just doing some research on the code side during my free time). But * compared to FreeSWITCH has some limitations (see comments here,

    Since a key UCS-player Nortel has adopted sipXecs + FreeSWITCH (see,read/page,1/category,featured/article,76/), Elastix team, I think need to give a rethought about creating something really professional stuff than competing with TB. There seems to be pretty much work carried out the integrate FreeSWITCH with sipX ( and repositories for CentOS5 here: ). Besides, I found an independent GUI deployment for FreeSWITCH at

    And these links, I assume, seem to be something worth reviewing:

    I am yet to use any of them, but are they something to opt for as an alternative in place of * by the capable Elastix team who has already demonstrated what they can do in the UCS arena? Just my 2 cents.

    PS: TrixBox seems to moving towards FreeSWITCH. See these two threads of bounty (see almost the end of the page of the first link) and interest of Kerry:

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