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    Apr 10, 2009
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    I am using at the moment SLA to see the state/pickup/speeddial of the other phones in my network.
    I followed this guide : ... field.html
    With this I can see the status of the phones with the line buttons on the SPA932 sidecar.

    As the same phones are members in more than 1 groups/queues, I must know where the incoming call is coming in.
    Each group is a call from another city agency.
    So I would like to configure the line buttons on my SP962 phone to see the status of my groups/queues = call from which city
    It should be like that (work like that with a SPA9000):
    When there is an incoming call to a groups/queues, the line button on my SPA962 with (SLA to the group) shows me there is an incoming call (i.e from L.A.) to this group.
    On the line buttons on SPA932 sidecar I can see which phones ringing or took the call.

    BTW, FOP is not a solution for me as I do not have a PC near to my workplace.

    Can somebody help me ?

    Thanks in advance


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