Several setups, all a success! Thanks Elastix

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    Jan 13, 2008
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    My success story

    I successfully, single handedly, deployed a Elastix system with, 1 main Elastix PBX with FXO (openvox), for head office in Mexico, and have at the moment, 2 more remote offices working via iax2 trunks and FXOs too.
    I configured the phones, router and ePBXs and had them sent via DHL. They were connected and plugged per my instructions, and after a bit of tweaking, they came online.

    This system will operate on 1 HQ and 4 remotes.
    3 in mexico, 1 in USA 1 in south america. :)

    This is the best distro out there.

    I have to thank the Elastix group of developers

    and some of my friends/voip gurus in IRC channel #Elastix, and the guys at #voipcoop

    For all your Voip needs in Mexico, feel free to contact us. And in the USA

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