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Aug 12, 2010
Hello everyone.

I work for a government company which makes statistics. To be able to improve our methods, we are going to install a CATI (computer assisted telephone interview) system, which mean that we will have interviewers calling at people's homes to ask them questions.

How we do that is what we need to decide.

I've been searching the web and I found asterisk and immediately liked it. I like it is free software so we can change whatever we need and we won't be paying any licensing. Searching more, I found this distro based on it, and even more, it would have help in spanish, which is a must, so I decided to post it here too (i posted this same message in the asterisk forum).

The problem is: Do a system based on asterisk and using elastix is capable of doing what we need? Would be it expensive to buy the hardware?

I've got many many questions and I hope somebody will kindly help me.

To summarize: We have a switchboard (in spanish centralita, I hope I translated it correctly, tell me if not) through all calls are received and sent. This switchboard is a MD110 (I've been told so, this is a very common switchboard for companies).

We want the software to automatically call a phone list and when someone answers, this call would be transfered to a free interviewer, which will be prompt with the informant profile and the questionnaire to be filled. We want it to be able to keep a log of what each interviewer has done and optionally to record the calls. I guess it is pretty simple what we need. We don't need top-notch stuff, just a simple way to make surveys with a phone.

My primary concern is about the hardware we need and with the software to be compatible with our switchboard. I guess the functionality is out there, as we don't demand much.

As we are a government company, we probably would need some technical assistance, so possible solutions with such assistance (paid, of course) would be great, but would need to be in spain and in spanish. If it is only telephone assistance, maybe there is no need to be in spain, but it would be needed to have someone here to have a meeting with.

Well, that's all I think. Let's see if someone can help me or point me where I can find help.

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