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Jun 23, 2009
[Si hace falta puedo traducir este mensaje en español :) ]

Hi everyone,

I am new on the forum, so first of all: nice to meet you all!
I can speak English and Spanish (and French and Swedish but that's not relevant in this forum I think), so I hope to get and give help in both languages.

So here I am:

I installed Elastix 1.5
I installed wanpipe-3.5.2, and after some libtools troubles during the compilation, I managed to compile the driver.
The card seems to be detected in the Asterisk CLI, and seems to be working (though I only tested the analogical port until now)

My problem: the card isn't showing on the web interface.
And worth: every time I do a hardware detection, it seems to erase my existing configuration (e.g. : dahdi_cfg -vv doesn't show any channels anymore...)

So everytime I have to do the configuration again using wancfg_smg, but that's a waste of time and I don't know where else to turn...

Hoping that somebody had this problem and managed to get it fixed...

Thanks in advance,

Jun 4, 2009
Hi Seggie,

it was the same for me. After manually compiling and installing the wanpipe-3.5.2 drivers, I couldn't configure it trough Elastix web interface (to be honest, I didn't try too hard either).
I ended up configuring everything manually which, btw, it's not that difficult.
Launching the wancfg_smg command is basically the main step. After that, if it's not yet working, probably you'll need some minor manual tweaking to some files to get it finally working.

Those files are:

The first one is probably the only one you'll have to modify, if any. Just be sure to define BRI connection type (point-to-point, point-to-multipoint) and localization (for siganlling and so on).
I just modified the second file (woomera.conf) to reduce verbosity level on Asterisk CLI, as defaults are ok.

Finally, I had some trouble with the auto-start of the corresponding scripts (the wanpipe installation procedure is supposed to take care of that, but it didn't for me) at boot time.
Be sure the commands "wanrouter start" and "smg_ctrl start" are executed BEFORE /etc/init.d/dahdi on boot.

Final comment: I'm experiencing intermittent lockups during last week with my B700 card. Sangoma's techninal support has recommended me to switch to a new release of the wanpipe drivers: ... .5.2.4.tgz

I'm about to install and try them today. I'll get back to the forum with the results of my testing.



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