Routing Traffic between two ISPs - 2 NICs

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    I have a new elastix setup which acts as a complete communications server. Since the elastix server is on 24/7 I have also installed torrentflux for downloading torrents etc. The current problem is since elastix runs emails, torrents and also phone sip trunks, the internet connection is utilized to the maximum and when a voip / sip call is taking place, it breaks up due to the lack of bandwidth for the call. The primary purpose of the elastix server is lost when call quality is suffering due to to other apps utilizing the badnwidth with very little for phone / voip service.

    What I have done is I have taken 2 Internet connections from 2 ISPs and want to dedicate one ISP for the voip/phon service where as use the 2nd ISP connection for torrentflux and other apps. I have installed 2 NICs on the elastix server which are conencted to 2 different routers form 2 different ISPs.

    I want to be able to route voice traffic from the 1st NIC (ISP 1) and the the torrent and other traffic via 2nd NIC (ISP 2). Please let me know how I can go about doing this. I have webmin installed. If there is an easy to use GUI to do the same I can also install it. Though would have to install X windows too with minimal installtion.

    The setup is as follows:

    ---------- --------- ------------ ------------------
    |Internet|---| ISP 1 |-<--| Router 1 |-<--| Network Card 1 |--<---
    ---------- --------- ------------ ------------------ | |
    | ELASTIX |
    | SERVER |
    ---------- --------- ------------ ------------------ |
    |Internet|---| ISP 2 |-<--| Router 2 |-<--| Network Card 2 |--<---
    ---------- --------- ------------ ------------------

    Want to route Voip traffic via Network Card 1 and Torrent traffic via Network Card 2.

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    You can do that with iptables, but is not very simple. Maybe you can install a machine that act as a router and install something like ebox or endean (those are similar to Elastix but for firewalls. )



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