Routing Calls over Private LAN & Internet


Feb 3, 2011
Well I had typed up a fairly long detailed post about my problem but when I went to submit the post I had gotten logged out and lost the post. Next time I will Ctrl-A & Ctrl-C...

Now for a somewhat shorter more brief post.

I have an elastix box on my LAN (a network) behind my router/firewall. I have a private routed network that has clients in it that need to connect to my elastix box via the private (wireless) network. Each site has it's own internet connection and own subnet (, etc). We have no trouble routing any other traffic between the subnets via the private network.

I need to be able to setup elastix to properly handle clients that come in on the internet and the private network. Currently I'm having trouble with only being able to communicate with clients either on the internet OR on the private network.

I've fiddled with the Asterisk SIP settings from the unembedded FreePBX changing the NAT settings (YES, NO, Never, Route) a dynamic IP and host name and a refresh rate. I set my local networks to

Question 1, do I need to set my other private networks in the local networks field ( & etc)? and What should my NAT setting be to properly support both types of users. The private network is routed but no firewalling (wide open).

I'm pretty sure I need to have NAT set to YES in order to support my users outside the private network on the internet. however when I have that set it wants to route my private subnets back in via the internet.

I've also messed with the Media & RTP Settings, changing the Reinvite Behavior (YES, NO, NoNAT, Update).

Question 2, what should I have this set to in order to best support my private users and internet users? So far it seems Update nets the best results.

Lastly, I also made changes to one extension (softphone) in another subnet that's connected via the private network, tweaking the NAT and CANREINVITE to their various settings. Normally making a change either to the user or the system wide settings and reconnecting both softphones and making a test call.

I'm willing to make whatever adjustments are necessary to get this working! all input in welcome!


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