Ringing Instead of MoH - Problem after Upgrade

Discussion in 'General' started by GSnover, Sep 25, 2010.

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    Strange Problem - Upgraded to Elastix 2.0.2 with all patches and updates. Updated FreePBX to 2.8 with all patches and updates. Updated the FreePBX on an old Trixbox (Real FreePBX, not that tbm-pbxconfig crap - to 2.8 and then did a FreePBX Backup. Restored that backup to the new machine, and tried to put it into service.

    They are using a PRI, and when the Queue's are set to "Ringing Instead of MoH", the agents call rings, he answers, and can hear the caller, but the caller continues to hear Ringback. Setting it to MOH works fine, and Queue's on an identical software load (Started as Trixbox) using SIP trunks works fine also - it's just the system with the PRI that has the problem.

    Has anyone else seen this problem?

    I am going to scratch-load a box with a PRI card and test a Queue on it to see if it has the same problem.



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