Ring group voicemail bug?

Sep 17, 2007
I have an elastix server with 4 Grandstream GXP2000 extensions configured and connected. Two of the extensions are in a ring group. All incoming calls are routed to the ring group. I have enabled one of the ring group extension and one of the non-ring group extensions for voicemail. If I set the ring group unanswered to the voicemail of the extension within the ring group it diverts to voicemail after the set time and a voicemail is left as it should. However, on subsequent calls it appears that the extension is busy. Only the other ring group extension rings. If I try to call the voicemail enabled ring group extension from another extension it is busy. I have defined quick dial keys on each phone for the other three extensions with the BLF option. After reboot all extension have green LEDs next to the quick dial buttons until that first incoming call goes to voice mail then the LEDs on the other three extensions corresponding to the vm enabled ring group extension turn red indicating that the extension is busy.
If I configure the ring group when unanswered to go to the voicemail of the extension that is not in the ring group it all works but we want the voicemail on the Reception extension.
Can anyone with a similar configuration confirm whether this happens on their system or have I found a bug?
If yours works, where have I gone wrong?

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